Internet and the Evolution of Digital Media

Just think of the time when we were living with primitive technology where the idea of television could have been termed a dream of daydreaming individuals. Likewise, take the example of any gift of the modern science and technology; most of them were not even thinkable in the past. Online media is not unique from such advanced gifts of science and technology.

Digital media refer to any electronic media such as mobile phones, digital video, compact discs, the Internet, e-book, television, minidisc, computer, e-Commerce, video games, and other interactive media. The media that can be stored in an electronic way is the digital media. There is no doubt that the internet is the most important mean of digital media, which offers great flexibility to store digital content, such as pictures, rich text, audio and video material, as well as graphics. We can see how the digital media on the internet is developing day by day through the following video from Birmingham University.

The simple form of digital media is text. In its primitive stage, the internet was accepting text as digital information storage point with many limitations. As Internet technology is advanced, we got good text editing and word processing options. Data storage started to shift from papers and files later on to computer’s paperless storage media that made information available just a mouse-click away. When the information is stored on computers, sharing and further storing on the internet became very easy and accessible to the interested ones. At this stage, the digital media started to take a considerable shape.

As the next step towards advancement, more options were introduced on the internet that made it possible to add photos and images to the text message, or pictures replaced text in some cases. This made the online media and also the development of online news more impressive on the internet and started helping people in many directions – personal, official, and commercial.

Audio options started to play their active part in the middle of 1990 with the easily usable mp3 files. Soon after this facility, music and vocal messages started to play a crucial role as effective online news options.

Online news on the internet got a big boost when the video was introduced. This made the things more impressive and presentable. Like pictures, video sharing also became very popular.

With rich text, graphics with high-quality pictures and images, online media on the internet has reached a considerable height. It is not all, as the future will see more development in this sector.

It is worth noting how the great digital media evolution of online news on the internet is helping the people around the globe; how easier marketing has become; how it is helping businesses to grow globally; and so on, the benefits are many. There is no doubt that now many businesses solely depend on the proper usage of news media on the internet. We just need to harness the hidden powers of the internet and avail this highly beneficial digital media.